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ONE OF A KIND.  These black embroidered creations were found at Porte de Clinacourt in Paris.  I found this little store inside the antique and collectors sector of the markets. The lovely woman who owned the store was the daughter of the original owners who produced all the buttons, embroidery, sequins, fastenings etc for the large French fashion houses – mainly for Chanel. It was a heavenly experience for me to open little drawers and find endless treasures and inspiration.  It was jam packed full of incredible hand cut buttons, rope, sequinned patches, zips and fabric – it was so exciting I stayed in there for hours chatting with her about the history of her parents factory and the clients they worked with.  She was happy to know that my selection of pieces would be reborn into a new life to be enjoyed and worn as contemporary art pieces.  These pieces are mixed with a gold plated coin, sterling silver KT KEEP UP component, sterling silver earrings studs.  ONE OFF ART PIECES.

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